[Bf-committers] Supplement to Bugtracker Item #3757 (closed)

Stefan Jurisch dxi.soft at freenet.de
Thu Jan 19 10:33:03 CET 2006

Summary: OBJ-Import reports script error (Index out of range)

there was a comment by Campbell Barton, to which I wanted to answer, but
the item was closed before I could do this.
But to complete the information I will do this here:

The comment was the last before closing:
> The bug your refering to has been fixed, but there is now
> another problem.
> Where did you get your file? - it has non standard line endings.
> ________
> f 1 2 3 4 \
>   5 6 7 8 \
>   9 10 11 12
> ________
> Wrapped lines are not a part of the obj standard.
> Was this was introduced by copy/pasting to a forum?
> Its possible to support that, but at the expense of speedy
> loading of other files.

I got this file from a user of the commercial "FormZ"-Software, exported
with its obj-exporter and directly emailed to me as attachment.
It was not copied&pasted from anywhere to anywhere or even opened by a
text editor. It seems to be a bug in the commercial part of this
problem... ;-)

thanks for your help. :-)

with best regards
Stefan Jurisch


S T E F A N   J U R I S C H

      Siegen, Germany
  fasteddy at dxi-studios.de
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