[Bf-committers] meeting summary january 16th 2006

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 22:01:14 CET 2006

I emailed all official builders, also the linux 32 builder stated in
IRC yesterday that he planned to do builds immediately.

Here is what I sent,

Hi all,

Ton would like 2.41 test builds done soon if possible for the gamenengine,

Here is the plan as decided in the meeting,

<kaito> to repeat: 1) we put RC candidates online asap 2) we get
confirmation form engine coders they are OK 3) we wait for python devs
to finish 4) we allow some urgent bugfixes still 5) we prepare cms
release docs 6) then decide to release

So if you could all do RC builds and sticky them in the builds forum
that would be great, and probably email bf-committers to annouce when
they are ready/up

the test suite for this build should include in addition to standard
test suite, all tests for game engine which are




this shows test images for the new material and shader stuff


also you can post links in this thread at the forums,


Thanks all,


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