[Bf-committers] Re: 2.41 testbuilds? OSX help?

Stealth Apprentice stealthapprentice at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 19:52:53 CET 2006

WinXP, Athlon, Radeon X700, VSExpress 2005, debug

Everything works, except for
shader_armature_demo.blend. (Also, Test.blend, the
upper right viewport is gray, don't know if that's

shader_armature_demo.blend blows due to incompatible
operators. (STL throws an exception because of a type
mismatch in the loop below)... I don't have the big
checkin from the last 8 hours, perhaps that's
corrected in that checkin?

	// result = true if animation has to be continued,
false if animation stops
	// maybe there are events for us in the queue !
	if (frame)
		for (vector<CValue*>::iterator i=m_events.end();
			if ((*i)->GetNumber() == 0.0f)
				bNegativeEvent = true;
				bPositiveEvent= true;
		if (bPositiveEvent)
			m_flag |= ACT_FLAG_ACTIVE;
		if (bNegativeEvent)
			if (!(m_flag & ACT_FLAG_ACTIVE))
				return false;
			m_flag &= ~ACT_FLAG_ACTIVE;

--- Ben <ben at half-dome.net> wrote:


Stealth Apprentice wrote:  
Where is the GE test suite located? I'd like to giveit
a go.--- Hans Lambermont
<hans at lambermont.dyndns.org>wrote:  
Erwin Coumans wrote:    
Can we prepare for testbuilds for 2.41 and see      
which platforms need    
The build of today (15 jan 2006) game engine workswith
sound onFreeBSD.  This is with openal-20050401 and
Makefilesbased build system.The blenderplayer also
works. The browser plugindoes not, but we'repast the
non-registering bug, it looks now like aplain Mozilla
vs.OpenGL problem (see my commit earlier).regards,  
Hans Lambermont-- http://hans.dse.nl/   ()
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