[Bf-committers] Scheduling for an 2.41 update?

Wouter van Heyst larstiq at larstiq.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 13 22:11:29 CET 2006

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 10:47:31AM -1000, Tom M wrote:
> Ton and Erwin,
> Ubuntu freezes the version they get from Debian unstable on the 19th. 
> LarstiQ will see if there is a possibility of some leeway, but we
> shouldn't count on it.

The frozen distribution will end up being Ubuntu's next stable release
at April. It will be what most Ubuntu users run for the 6 following
months. It is in both their and our interest to have a blender version
bundled that is stable and doesn't suffer from irritating bugs, features
come after that. It is my belief 2.41 will be a better choice than 2.40,
but correct me if I'm wrong.

> So if we want the game engine update to be in the next major version
> of Ubuntu we need at least a Debian specific release in Debians
> unstable branch on that date.

A bit of irc conversation with Ubuntu devs 
(Dapper Drake is the codename for Ubuntu 6.04): 

< ogra_ibook> LarstiQ, stability > featuritis for dapper
< seb128> we can probably update the the new version some days after the
          freeze if that's worth it
< seb128> ie: stable version with fixes, etc
< LarstiQ> ogra_ibook: 2.41 is a bugfix release over 2.40
< LarstiQ> ogra_ibook: so most probably 2.40 is a worse idea
< ogra_ibook> LarstiQ, then it should be possible ...
< ogra_ibook> (depending on the fixes)
< seb128> does blender has a nice documented list of changes (NEWS, Changelog)?
< seb128> because that kind of stuff makes easier to determinate if
          that's the sort of changes we want
< LarstiQ> seb128: http://blender.org/cms/Blender_2_40.598.0.html is the 2.40 one
< seb128> LarstiQ: mail ubuntu-devel when the new version is available
	  with a list of changes and why it would be nice to have it if
	  it comes after the freeze

I hope to have represented all parties fairly,
Wouter van Heyst

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