[Bf-committers] Web 3D plug-ing

Mal mal at candomultimedia.com
Fri Jan 13 15:58:56 CET 2006

Hi Ton,

> I want to be extremely clear on this: the Blender Foundation cannot  
> officially support the (current) webplugin. There are not only severe  
> security issues with such a product, but it also should really be  
> offered using a verification key (like verisign) and being backupped 
> by  a company to deliver clients/users sufficient support.
> A product like this is an excellent opportunity for a third party to  
> pickup as a business.

Those are great points, but it would be great to see the web technology 
just building again.

When it's up and actually working to the same degree as the current 
older build ( and if companies are using the new GE features, for 
walk-abouts, product visualisation etc ), then you might find that a 
commercial company may take it on and enhance it with the various 
security features.  When it's not working at all ( current state ), it 
would be very hard to convince a company of its benefits


> -Ton-
> On 12 Jan, 2006, at 16:16, Mal wrote:
>> Hans Lambermont wrote:
>>>> have you made any progress?
>>> Sadly no :-/
>>>> Is there any improvements that could be committed to CVS?
>>> Not yet, we looked into the failed registering of the plugin and  
>>> didn't
>>> put enough work in it to find out why it is b0rken. It might be
>>> something silly like this :
>>> -       return("application/x-blender-plugin:blend:Blender 3D  
>>> content");
>>> +       return("application/x-blender-plugin:blend:Blender 3D  
>>> content\n");
>>> in source/gameengine/GamePlayer/netscape/src/UnixShell.c
>>> I still hope to create time to dig into it again. Maybe soon, I meet
>>> some old NaN employees tomorrow evening, so who knows ;-)
>>> regards,
>>>   Hans Lambermont
>> Hans, it would be absolutely awesome to see a the web plugin working  
>> again!
>> With working in the Shockwave 3D field, I know that the demand for 
>> web  3D content is really hot at the moment, and this can only 
>> continue, so  it would be a great time for Blender to get in on this 
>> area.
>> Regards...
>> Mal
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