[Bf-committers] Web 3D plug-ing

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Jan 13 13:08:32 CET 2006


I want to be extremely clear on this: the Blender Foundation cannot  
officially support the (current) webplugin. There are not only severe  
security issues with such a product, but it also should really be  
offered using a verification key (like verisign) and being backupped by  
a company to deliver clients/users sufficient support.

A product like this is an excellent opportunity for a third party to  
pickup as a business.


On 12 Jan, 2006, at 16:16, Mal wrote:

> Hans Lambermont wrote:
>>> have you made any progress?
>> Sadly no :-/
>>> Is there any improvements that could be committed to CVS?
>> Not yet, we looked into the failed registering of the plugin and  
>> didn't
>> put enough work in it to find out why it is b0rken. It might be
>> something silly like this :
>> -       return("application/x-blender-plugin:blend:Blender 3D  
>> content");
>> +       return("application/x-blender-plugin:blend:Blender 3D  
>> content\n");
>> in source/gameengine/GamePlayer/netscape/src/UnixShell.c
>> I still hope to create time to dig into it again. Maybe soon, I meet
>> some old NaN employees tomorrow evening, so who knows ;-)
>> regards,
>>   Hans Lambermont
> Hans, it would be absolutely awesome to see a the web plugin working  
> again!
> With working in the Shockwave 3D field, I know that the demand for web  
> 3D content is really hot at the moment, and this can only continue, so  
> it would be a great time for Blender to get in on this area.
> Regards...
> Mal
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