[Bf-committers] Libre Graphics Meeting

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 07:56:20 CET 2006


just curious what plans there are to attend LGM?

They mention that '

[QUOTE]Project Orange, speaker to be announced

Project Orange is the brainchild of Ton Roosendaal, the leader of the
Blender project.

Blender has had an unusual history. It started as an in-house tool for
film-making, made its way out into the wild as a commercial 3D
program, and then (as the company which owned it was going under) was
bought back by the user community for $100,000, raised in under 7
weeks. Since then, the continued development of Blender has been
assured by the Blender Foundation.

Project Orange is a return to the project's roots for blender. The
foundation is making a short animated film, using entirely free
software tools. The film will be submitted for a SIGGRAPH award at the
beginning of March, and will have its first public airing in Lyon.


So does that mean an 'official' representation will be there?


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