[Bf-committers] splash screen competition?

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 11 22:49:52 CET 2006

In the past when we have done releases within a short timespan, we
have just chosen another entry from the previous contest (in this
case 2.40). The one by rakhi is really cool ...



Toni Alatalo wrote:
> i guess it would be kinda important to organize the splash screen combo too, 
> volunteers?-) not much time so i guess we need to just pull off something..
> ~Toni
> On Wednesday 11 January 2006 19:36, Renato Perini wrote:
>>Even better, a requirement of including a tutorial on its making, like
>>it was for The Gimp splash screen too. :-D
>>Filip Svendsen ha scritto:
>>>Maybe it could be a requirement that the .blend file is included, like
>>>it was for the gimp splash screen.
>>>On 1/10/06, Mal <mal at candomultimedia.com> wrote:
>>>>With the updates on GE, it might be interesting to "theme" the
>>>>competition, to reflect the fact that Blender can handle real-time games
>>>>and physics.
>>>>Just a thought ;)
>>>>>Is the new splash screen team nominated?  If not - should be done soon
>>>>>- also use one from the 2.40 competition?  Or a new contest?
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