[Bf-committers] BezTriple and data format

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 19:17:11 CET 2006

--- Roland Hess <rolandh at reed-witting.com> wrote:

> I've been searching through both the sources and the
> online 
> documentation for a straightforward explanation of
> what data 
> representing coordinates go where in the vec[3][3]
> portion of the 
> BezTriple struct.
> In particular, I'm trying to find out how exactly
> data from IpoCurve 
> points fill the array and how data from a 3D bezier
> curve fill it. It 
> could of course be worked out by gross trial and
> error, but I'm 
> hoping that someone simply knows it already. If so,
> and you can post 
> it here, I'll happily include the info in the wiki
> somewhere (or even 
> in a comment in the struct definition) so people
> using the struct in 
> the future can have something to refer to.
> My guess is that it'll be something like:
> vec[0][0]=x location of handle 1
> vec[0][1]=y location of handle 1
> vec[0][2]=z location of handle 1
> vec[1][0]=x location of control point
> vec[1][1]=y location of control point
> vec[1][2]=z location of control point
> vec[2][0]=x location of handle 2
> vec[2][1]=y location of handle 2
> vec[2][2]=z location of handle 2
> With the vec[][2] section essentially omitted in the
> case of IpoCurve points.
> So, anyone know for sure?

I'd say you're right, but if you want to be 100% sure,
you can look at the curve conversion function in


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