[Bf-committers] Enabling EnvMapping with common texture

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Wed Jan 11 14:27:54 CET 2006

Could you point at examples, shots, etc.?  Which renderer?  Does mapping 
reduced RayMir values not work properly?  And remember, any dirt on the 
chrome is (in the real world) a different material, which means that 
it's not really any of the mirror color, diffuse color, or specular 
color for the chrome itself.

bmx007 wrote:
> I want to use blend texture as envmap to do some dirty chrome effects.
> Today, i must use "Emit" (as in the envmap tutorial)
> However, it's a bit tricky and it's wrong .
> It's dont work if you don't want a full "reflection"( equivalent of a 
> non 1.0 ray mirror factor)
> (adding emit  will "light" the diffuse color too, so the diffuse color 
> wil b allways overlighted)
>  (for exemple a shaded zone with a dark value of envmap will appear as 
> lighed))
> Why don't we simply use the mir color channel (and if necessary a toggle 
> to activate it).
> Max
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