[Bf-committers] Upgrading OpenAL sound for 2.41???

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Wed Jan 11 03:12:26 CET 2006

In reply to amd at erwincoumans.com (amd at erwincoumans.com):

> I would like to upgrade OpenAL to the latest version, at least for 
> Windows, and potentially also for other platforms. Also, where does 
> Linux get its 'default' OpenAL from? It doesn't look like it is in 
> CVS lib folder? 
> Is this OK to upgrade? Does it need to be statically, or can we go 
> DLL?
> Erwin 

I'm all for this. 
On the way home tonight in the car, I was working on
cleaning up the SoundServer a little bit.

There are a lot of ifdef's that are all for differences in
versions of openal.  I'll hopefully have a patch tomorrow (possibly the
day after), that we could hopefully get all of the distribution makers to 

mein at cs.umn.edu

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