[Bf-committers] Re: vc7.1 build,debug version crash

amd at erwincoumans.com amd at erwincoumans.com
Fri Jan 6 18:25:04 CET 2006

The vc7.1 projectfiles need to be updated. ODE isn't supported at the 
moment. Just remove a the ODE-related files and don't include the ODE 
library and it should be fine. 

Who is maintaining the projectfiles?

Nathan Letwory writes: 

> There is a ode directory in extern/ shouldn't that be used instead?
> (Checking extern/SConscript shows it is not used). 
> /Nathan
>> I have mentioned this multiple times (over the last 2 years) and have yet
>> to see this resolved. This has nothing to do with Quicktime. It has to do
>> that the ODE version in /lib/windows is out of date and the code in
>> PHY_ode doesn't compile against it in in 1 or 2 places without a change.
>> Until someone updates the ODE library for the windows platform you'll have
>> to hack OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp to get blender compiling.
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