[Bf-committers] vc7.1 build,debug version crash

Gilbert, Joseph T. jgilbert at tigr.ORG
Fri Jan 6 18:22:03 CET 2006

/extern/ODE is not only out of date it's also not in the correct
directory structure and compiler paths can't be set properly.

I think that you can fix the issue by either updating ODE or by setting
some methods to take the old ODE api args.

Typically the issue is:
\blender\source\gameengine\Physics\BlOde\OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp(39) :
error C2660: 'dHashSpaceCreate' : function does not take 1 arguments

Old mail:

Old posts:  Usually when someone runs into this they are supposed to
disable ODE support or the gameengine to compile blender

From: http://www.ode.org/ode-collision-porting.html

"""Here are the changes that need to be made to old ODE code to get it
to work with the new collision system.

   1. The dSimpleSpaceCreate() and dHashSpaceCreate() functions now take
a space argument. This argument should be set to 0 to get the old

Anyhow.... :)

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There is a ode directory in extern/ shouldn't that be used instead?
(Checking extern/SConscript shows it is not used).

> I have mentioned this multiple times (over the last 2 years) and have
> to see this resolved. This has nothing to do with Quicktime. It has to
> that the ODE version in /lib/windows is out of date and the code in
> PHY_ode doesn't compile against it in in 1 or 2 places without a
> Until someone updates the ODE library for the windows platform you'll
> to hack OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp to get blender compiling.

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