[Bf-committers] vc7.1 build,debug version crash

Gilbert, Joseph T. jgilbert at tigr.ORG
Fri Jan 6 17:00:59 CET 2006

I have mentioned this multiple times (over the last 2 years) and have yet to see this resolved. This has nothing to do with Quicktime. It has to do that the ODE version in /lib/windows is out of date and the code in PHY_ode doesn't compile against it in in 1 or 2 places without a change. Until someone updates the ODE library for the windows platform you'll have to hack OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp to get blender compiling.

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hi all:
  I am newer of blend!,I have built blender by vc7.1! 
    project set   
    remove micro WITH_QUICKTIME 
    It is works all ok except PHY_ode
    error info:
------ Build started: Project: PHY_Ode, Configuration: BlenderPlayer Debug Win32 ------
\online\blender\source\gameengine\Physics\BlOde\OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp(39) : error C2660: 'dHashSpaceCreate' : function does not take 1 arguments
\online\blender\source\gameengine\Physics\BlOde\OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp(109) : error C3861: 'dWorldQuickStep': identifier not found, even with argument-dependent lookup
\online\blender\source\gameengine\Physics\BlOde\OdePhysicsEnvironment.cpp(208) : error C2511: 'void ODEPhysicsEnvironment::removeConstraint(int)' : overloaded member function not found in 'ODEPhysicsEnvironment'
        e:\online\blender\source\gameengine\Physics\BlOde\OdePhysicsEnvironment.h(32) : see declaration of 'ODEPhysicsEnvironment'
    I deleted all dependency of PHY_ode! and compile finish!
test the blenderplayer
   with NevaehPacked.blend
it gos well at begine,after select plane and going to game scence,blenderplayer crash
stack info:
  blenderplayer.exe!malloc(unsigned int nSize=3765269347)  Line 139 + 0x15 C
  blenderplayer.exe!_CxxThrowException(void * pExceptionObject=0x0012f074, const _s__ThrowInfo * pThrowInfo=0x0097fb68)  + 0x39 C++
  blenderplayer.exe!__RTDynamicCast(void * inptr=0x05842030, long VfDelta=0, void * SrcType=0x009a1690, void * TargetType=0x009a16b4, int isReference=0)  + 0x172 C++
> blenderplayer.exe!KX_TouchSensor::KX_TouchSensor(SCA_EventManager * eventmgr=0x051d0630, KX_GameObject * gameobj=0x0521c708, bool bFindMaterial=false, const STR_String & touchedpropname={...}, _typeobject * T=0x009a3cf0)  Line 110 + 0x1c C++
  blenderplayer.exe!BL_ConvertSensors(Object * blenderobject=0x05456cc8, KX_GameObject * gameobj=0x0521c708, SCA_LogicManager * logicmgr=0x052a1598, KX_Scene * kxscene=0x051d4978, SCA_IInputDevice * keydev=0x052ae0e0, int & executePriority=712, int activeLayerBitInfo=31, bool isInActiveLayer=false, RAS_ICanvas * canvas=0x0569df58, KX_BlenderSceneConverter * converter=0x050afe90)  Line 306 + 0x40 C++
  blenderplayer.exe!BL_ConvertBlenderObjects(Main * maggie=0x0543e1a8, const STR_String & scenename={...}, KX_Scene * kxscene=0x051d4978, KX_KetsjiEngine * ketsjiEngine=0x0543dad0, e_PhysicsEngine physics_engine=UseSumo, _object * pythondictionary=0x0eb642d8, SCA_IInputDevice * keydev=0x052ae0e0, RAS_IRenderTools * rendertools=0x0569dfc8, RAS_ICanvas * canvas=0x0569df58, KX_BlenderSceneConverter * converter=0x050afe90, bool alwaysUseExpandFraming=false)  Line 1363 + 0x39 C++
  blenderplayer.exe!KX_BlenderSceneConverter::ConvertScene(const STR_String & scenename={...}, KX_Scene * destinationscene=0x051d4978, _object * dictobj=0x0eb642d8, SCA_IInputDevice * keyinputdev=0x052ae0e0, RAS_IRenderTools * rendertools=0x0569dfc8, RAS_ICanvas * canvas=0x0569df58)  Line 335 + 0x3a C++
break line( red color):
KX_TouchSensor::KX_TouchSensor(SCA_EventManager* eventmgr,KX_GameObject* gameobj,bool bFindMaterial,const STR_String& touchedpropname,PyTypeObject* T)
// KX_TouchEventManager* touchmgr = (KX_TouchEventManager*) eventmgr;
// m_resptable = touchmgr->GetResponseTable();
// m_solidHandle = m_sumoObj->getObjectHandle();
 m_hitObject =  NULL;
 m_colliders = new CListValue();
 KX_ClientObjectInfo *client_info = gameobj->getClientInfo();
 client_info->m_gameobject = gameobj;
 client_info->m_auxilary_info = NULL;
 m_physCtrl = dynamic_cast<PHY_IPhysicsController*>(gameobj->GetPhysicsController());
 MT_assert( !gameobj->GetPhysicsController() || m_physCtrl );
tested some other .blend file,I find that blenderplayer load any blend file with physic convert will crack!
however release version of blenderplayer works fine!
then test with activexplayer and blender,it,s gets same error.
what's cause these problem! can any one help me!
thanks all


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