[Bf-committers] load all children of selected objects?

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Fri Jan 6 14:40:36 CET 2006

On Jan 6, 2006, at 2:34 PM, Ed Halley wrote:

> Matt Ebb wrote:
>> Have you tried the group/duplication features in the orange  
>> branch? We're using them all the time here for that exact purpose  
>> and they're absolutely fantastic.
> No.  There has been conflicting discussion about whether Orange  
> should be seen as "the official development branch" or "a semi- 
> private testbed for ideas."  The pendulum was last seen in the  
> "don't depend on features in Blender Orange" camp, and since I want  
> to *use* the version I hack, I've been keeping myself to the  
> mainstream version.

It's not a semi-private testbed - as far as I know, as soon as the  
CVS freeze is over, orange will be merged right back into bf. It was  
just created so development could continue as usual during the freeze.



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