[Bf-committers] Re: Sequencer rewrite, ffmpeg-read-support, (several versions), Mem-Cache Limitor, HD-Audio-Support, Color-Correction

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Fri Jan 6 10:17:32 CET 2006


> >- Blender has now support for color-correction (using three external
> >  plugins color-correction-hsv, color-correction-yuv and a rgb-gamma-plugin)
> >- To make these usable the preview has been enhanced: it can now also
> >  display a luma-waveform and a chroma-scatter-plot of the current image. The
> >  channel selector added with the last patch comes very handy here.
> >  I had to add some icons to make this work.
> >
> hey, ive patched and compiled, went with  out a hitch. ill test it some
> more later. i was just wondering where the colour correction plugins
> were located. thanks

If you applied my patch, they are located under release/plugins/sequence/

gamma.c color-correction-hsv.c color-correction-yuv.c

Hope this was the correct place. You have to build them with the other
plugins located there by hand.

Don't know, why this is not run by a normal make && make install


Peter Schlaile

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