[Bf-committers] load all children of selected objects?

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Fri Jan 6 06:07:45 CET 2006

I have been looking into the loader code, hoping to add a new feature:

   "Include Children of Selected Objects"

I generally understand how the loader is working, but am not clear about 
whether the information is ordered in the file in such a way that this 
calculation could be done in a single pass.

It's really frustrating to try to make a useful library of composite 
objects, when at load time, the various components are (1) not included 
according to hierarchy, and (2) not shown according to hierarchy like 
the outliner view.  You have to resort to really annoying prefix formula 
names for objects, or throw out all but the components of one composite 

[ e d @ h a l l e y . c c ]

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