[Bf-committers] Explode modifier, is this still being worked on ?

Janne Karhu janne.karhu at palvelut.net
Thu Jan 5 22:19:28 CET 2006

Yup yup.. I'd still like to make it happen but first particles & modifiers 
need to work better together.

The question is from what state of the mesh the particles are calculated.. 
one solution would be to make particles
an entry in the modifier stack as softbody is now. Particles need to be 
first on the stack.. then explode.

Now I'm too tied with other work and can't really do any blender coding at 
all but I'm definately still interested in making this work!


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> http://users.utu.fi/jhkarh/prog/bs_explode.html
> Looks really good for the small function, hope the developer ports it
> to orange or some cvs
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