[Bf-committers] adding texture ipos etc

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Tue Jan 3 11:42:50 CET 2006

I helped Levon already on IRC, but I thought it'd be good to do a quick
reply here too (note the code below was code by levon himself, based on
the material part in TAB_SHADING_MAT):

texchannel_to_adrcode is used to get the correct mapping to the active
texture for the selected material.  This is not necessary when you work
directly on a texture, instead of through a material. That is why you
won't find texact in Tex, it is active when working on it (in the UI).
btw, World does texact too (doing colour voronoi with ipos in world is
good for psychedelic effects ;)

In short, the line has to be commented out :)

Levon, when you've got a patch ready, be sure to nudge me.


> in editipo.c each of the the different windows has a
>      else if(tab==TAB_SHADING_TEX) {
>                 id= G.buts->lockpoin;
>                 te= G.buts->lockpoin;
>                 if(id) {
>                     event= pupmenu("Insert Key
> %t|Noise%x0|Voronoi%x1|Musgrave%x2|Distnoise%x12|ColourFilter%x13");
>                     if(event== -1) return;
>                     map= texchannel_to_adrcode(te->texact);
> but i dont understand what the "map= texchannel_to_adrcode(te->texact);"
> line is. texact is not defined in the DNA_TEXTURE_TYPES.h like it is in
> the lamp and materials dna. But if i coment it out in the above code it
> compiles and works fine.

> thanks, levon

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