[Bf-committers] adding texture ipos etc

levon hudson levonh at internode.on.net
Tue Jan 3 05:17:30 CET 2006

hi, ive started adding new ipos for the texture module, and im currently 
adding the 'add ipo' menu for the I key. ive got it working but im a bit 
confused about something.

in editipo.c each of the the different windows has a
     else if(tab==TAB_SHADING_TEX) {
                id= G.buts->lockpoin;
                te= G.buts->lockpoin;
                if(id) {
                    event= pupmenu("Insert Key 
                    if(event== -1) return;
                    map= texchannel_to_adrcode(te->texact);

but i dont understand what the "map= texchannel_to_adrcode(te->texact);" 
line is. texact is not defined in the DNA_TEXTURE_TYPES.h like it is in 
the lamp and materials dna. But if i coment it out in the above code it 
compiles and works fine.

so my question is, should i add textact to the DNA for texture types, or 
get rid of the line?

thanks, levon

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