[Bf-committers] adventerous artist release

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 23:37:00 CET 2006

Is there interest in doing an 'adventerous artist' build say in about two weeks?

This would consist of having official builds done, and I would do a
preliminary release notes, and there would be a posting to the front
page to get more testers than those that hang out at the testing
builds forum or who make their own builds.  This is basically to get
some broader testing of the new features - Ton has some full time
testers of the work he has done :) , however other cool new toys
probably haven't gotten near as much testing (all of the cool
additions to the UV tools, python API updates and added scripts, fluid
simulation, painting tools, mesh tools, etc.).

Official release probably won't happen till May, but now might be a
good point to get some feedback and testing.


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