[Bf-committers] Vector blur not working?

Fabrizio ilac at maltanet.net
Sun Feb 26 15:36:30 CET 2006

You're all still missing the problem with Mats original file (quoted
below)!! :o/

1. Open his original 'test1'  file in cvs blender
2. add a cube.
3. parent it to the armature
4. render.

The cube has vector blur without the need to touch any of his node or render
settings. The dog doesn't have any motion blur.

This has nothing to do with setting a composite node (which is already
there), touching the min/max buttons, or number of vertices changing per
frame as reported in the console. Objects created in cvs blender work fine.
Objects from a file created in official builds don't.

If you link the speed output to a viewer node you will see there is no data
for the dog mesh. Nor do any of these solutions explain the problems with
overexposed AO or weird zbuf data or not being able to shiftF1 append
anything from Mats file...


ps. Nathan. Did you create the sphere and animation in 2.41 before loading
in cvs blender? That is when the problem should occur.

mats wrote: (2006-02-25 at 2149.27 +0200):
> Ok will do - it has to be me then, just really difficult to see how.
> Could someone please try the following file and tell me what I'm doing
> wrong ?
> http://www.artflow.fi/tests/test1.blend (around 300kb)
>  I can't get it to blur anything. I've tested on two different machines
> with two different builds.

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