[Bf-committers] Working on Big Patch for GE...

Ben Stabler ben at half-dome.net
Sun Feb 26 12:14:23 CET 2006

I disagree. Of course, in the short term, fixing bugs is a concern. 
However, if Brian wants to start work on some more advanced features 
that will make more things possible with the game engine, thats great. 
Although I don't use the game engine very often, some of the things he 
mentions sound pretty amazing to have implemented.

Bugs are a concern, but I don't think we should force all our developers 
to work on that, especially ones who didn't actually write the buggy 
code and therefore might not know how it works as well as Erwin knows 
the code. Sorry Erwin. The bugs will (eventually) get fixed, but at the 
same time, we shouldn't stop new features from being implemented.

Basically, to Brian: Go for it!


Alexander Ewering wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, Brian Eason wrote:
>>    Well I guess that's It for now.  Please tell me your thoughts.  
>> And if
>> you prefer that this stuff didn't happen plz tell me ASAP so I don't 
>> get to
>> deep to have to just throw it all away.
> It's great that more people consider catching up on game engine 
> development,
> but to be honest: The most pressing issue in GE development is still 
> *fixing
> bugs*, not adding new features. The game engine is still in a mostly
> unusable state due to the huge amount of bugs (some of which 
> fortunately got
> fixed by Erwin's recent commits), and thus, fixing these appears to be 
> the top priority to me.
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