[Bf-committers] Re: Vector blur not working?

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at elisanet.fi
Sun Feb 26 10:27:40 CET 2006

GSR wrote:

     >Interesting, max speed is set to 0, which seems to be prefered
    value for me now, as it >seems to disable the limit at all (before I
    set it to max allowed value... still wondering >why would one want
    to chop motion). Min speed seems to also be disabled that way >(and
    also wondering if worth to set to something else... if it moves, it
    moves, right?).
     >But your issue is "Warning: object dog has different amount of
    vertices on other frame". >You should had looked at the console. ;]
    Looking for that message in source, you can >see such condition
    disables vector calculation.

Yes, you're right, I probably should have looked at console. Anyway, the 
vertex and facecounts remain constant throughout the animation IMO. I 
can't see how the vertexcout would change (?).

Fabrizio wrote:

     >That's not the issue. In Mats's file the number of vertices are
    NOT changing
     >between frames as far as can be seen. Nor should they as armatures and
     >subsurfs do not modify quantities of vertices per frame. (Build,
     >decimation modifiers do but are not used in his file)
     >Making the mesh data native to the cvs build as I explained in my
     >email overcomes this. So the problem (in my layman's opinion) is
    that some
     >of the features (AO, vblur, zbuf) have an issue with which blender
     >originally created the 'objects' in question.
     >Maybe not an actual bug but an issue because the version of cvs
    blender is
     >still 2.41 so some backwards compatibility code is not being

I created the file with 2.40 or 2.41. I'll take your advice and try to 
import the mesh data instead of the objects. The problem is that it's 
too much work =) So I'll have to live without motion blur (or use the 
old method - depending on my schedule).

Thanks for you advice.

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