[Bf-committers] Vector blur not working?

Fabrizio ilac at maltanet.net
Sat Feb 25 22:35:54 CET 2006

Hi Mats,

What build did you use to create the file?

I've also noticed similar unexpected behaviour when loading 2.41 (or
earlier) blends in recent cvs builds available on blender3d.org. Other
issues, beside speed vectors not being generated as in your example, were
over-exposure in AO as somebody else reported at last sunday's irc meeting
and wrong z-depth values.

Any objects created with the cvs build itself - even within 'older version'
files - behave as expected.

Mats, in the meantime, a simple solution to your problem is to put your
mesh-data inside newly created mesh-objects within the cvs builds...

Hope this helps,


ps. Don't know if this is related but nothing shows up in this blend when
trying to append with ShiftF1  (with cvs or 2.41). Weird...

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
> It's being used daily here on very complex scenes... the only bug I
> fixed a couple of days was in using the Preview option, which copied
> the z values wrong.
> Before you cry-wolf, make a simple demo file and ask others (for
> example on irc or here) to test?
> -Ton-

Ok will do - it has to be me then, just really difficult to see how.
Could someone please try the following file and tell me what I'm doing
wrong ?

http://www.artflow.fi/tests/test1.blend (around 300kb)

 I can't get it to blur anything. I've tested on two different machines
with two different builds.


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