[Bf-committers] Pretty clueless Linux threads crashing...

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Fri Feb 24 14:44:04 CET 2006

On Friday 24 February 2006 14:37, Martin Poirier wrote:
> Using pthread directly is not an option, it will have
> to be wrapped for windows compatibility (IIRC).

there is an existing wrapper for the win code:

<jesterKing> and pthread-win32 is good enough
<jesterKing> http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/
<jesterKing> kaito: when venturing into pthreads world, perhaps 
http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/conformance.html is good to keep next to 
your experiments
<jesterKing> less headaches later on, in case you want to use some stuff not 
implemented in win32 version
<pidhash> not many sussess storys i saw of that :)!
<pidhash> but I agree not change code for windows 

<kaito> jesterKing: ok thanks. I will limit amount of used features to 
absolute minimum anyway :) i need to start thread, close it, and get a mutex. 
thats all
<jesterKing> kaito: should work fine then :)
<pidhash> kaito : glibc have a good docs about that 

> Martin


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