[Bf-committers] blender as a hardware benchmarking tool

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Fri Feb 17 00:31:43 CET 2006

Tom M wrote:
> Should we consider trying to get Blender established as a hardware
> benchmarking tool similar to CineBench and POVRay?
> To me this would be valuable in that it would increase the public
> exposure of Blender (any new graphics card to come out or any new
> processor to come out could result in a mention of Blender) and it
> would encourage hardware vendors to ensure that Blender works well on
> their system.  Also Blender users would be able to have handy sources
> of information for 'does Blender work well on this processor/graphics
> card'.
> LetterRip
Like the idea, could we make a package that has a stub blend file and a 
python script?- Then all the Blends can be loaded from there.
Can make a log and summery from blenders animation FPS
Benchmark could include

    * Some complex IK animation with particles - more of a CPU test.
      idea is to test how well the PC does complex animation.
    * realtime animation, test 3d cards performance with alpha's +
      textures, mixed views. - Benchmark fps
    * Render Test- include 3 or 4 render tests- have 1 threaded, 1
      single thread. 1 Raytraced. 1 non raytraced scene. could use some
      of the test files we alredy have if needs be,
    * Composite benchmark. others can comment.
    * Large scene banchmark - lots of objects - benchmark times for
      updating the scene-

This need not be like bytemark and other 3d benchmarking tools. Since 
OpenGL running fullscreen, is different to OpenGL in blenders multiview 

- Cam

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