[Bf-committers] blender as a hardware benchmarking tool

Gabriel Beloin gbeloin at netrevolution.com
Fri Feb 17 00:17:43 CET 2006

Tom M wrote:

>Should we consider trying to get Blender established as a hardware
>benchmarking tool similar to CineBench and POVRay?
>To me this would be valuable in that it would increase the public
>exposure of Blender (any new graphics card to come out or any new
>processor to come out could result in a mention of Blender) and it
>would encourage hardware vendors to ensure that Blender works well on
>their system.  Also Blender users would be able to have handy sources
>of information for 'does Blender work well on this processor/graphics
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Anyway as a benchmark blender would need to use latest technologies to 
be a usefull benchmark imho.

3dmark for example evolve to the edge each year.
---> Blender still use opengl 1

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