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Conti Davide (KLDA 21) davide.conti at credit-suisse.com
Wed Feb 15 11:45:37 CET 2006

Hi Peter,
I was digging in the Blender and in the Verse server code...
Now I can answer your question.
I started to think about a Blender DB because I wasn't satisfied with
the Blender object navigation system.

I want a system in which one can easily play and select inbetween 100
different versions of the same object.
So, primarly for me I want a "kind of a" separate system in which I pick
my objects to put in a given scene,
work on them on Blender and store them back on the DB.

This is not according to the principles of Blender, because in Blender
DB is equivalent to ".blend" File.

After that I was looking also at a verse server, which seems to be
interesting, but it has somehow another focus, 
since it tries to integrate Blender with other 3D rendering tools.

Unfortunaltely,however I haven't enough time to follow both streams, and
moreover I have lack of experience developing large projects in C.
So I would like to concentrate primarly on the DB for Blender with a Web

My idea was also to realize it in Python, and I think that if I just
focus on the tasks:
-put objects in DB 
-get objects in DB 
-visualise them in a Web Server  
in this way I believe I can get very quickly (for me) interesting

Nevertheless I want to hear what you think about it, or if you have
maybe an idea to integrate the verse server in my concept.
(PS: by the way I tried the verse server as well as the client pyverse,
but I didn't get big success in running them...)

So what do you think about it?

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just my two cents:

why not just create a Verse-Server that has a database-backend?
That keeps the idea (shared objects on a central server accessible by
several people) seperated from the implementation (storing the data in a


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