[Bf-committers] Notes on Action Baking FTR

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Mon Feb 13 15:47:08 CET 2006

On Monday 13 February 2006 15:37, Roland Hess wrote:
> "disputable"). This is a detailed, For-The-Record explanation of what
> went into the patch, so that Ton or whoever ends up working on this

thank you for the exhaustive info!

> the current implementation came from irc conversations with Toni

also for the record, there are numerous PyAPI additions for this in Object.c - 
and back then i also added a Pose type to bpy so that could do 
Object.poseFromAction(action, amount) to e.g. drive a walkcycle from an 
existing action to any object in py and then use Object.insertMatrixKey or 
something that was what Roland was adding to do baking.

later i also added a call to Rolands baking code to Object.bake_all() or 
something - the previous approach actually implemented the baking / walkcycle 
applying logic in py

> NLA Baking Method
> A. Create list of all keyframes set throughout NLA, taking into
> account strip scaling, mode (Add, Hold, etc.) and layering.

in the py version i was/am using a dictionary for this.

> F. I suspect that I abused the portion of the SDNA for Action strips
> that designates strip mode (Add, Replace, Multiply). I do know that

no idea about what you did there :)

> G. I believe I eliminated memory leaks from the function that builds
> the list of NLA keyframes, but as this was my first time dealing with
> creating, manipulating and destroying lists, I may have missed

fair enuf.

interesting to see what comes out of that..


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