[Bf-committers] Blender-Database Integration

Conti Davide (KLDA 21) davide.conti at credit-suisse.com
Fri Feb 10 10:46:48 CET 2006

Dear Blender Developer Team,
I thought about the possibility to integrate Blender with a database and
a LAMP architecture.
I got this idea when I started to work with a lot of objects.
In this case it's somehow unpractical to use just Blender
functionalities (layers, Outline Views, etc...) to retrieve and modify
More efficient would it be to store all objects, meshes and so on
directly in a database.
What about using also a Web Server as a 2nd help to administer (and to
share) meshes, matreials and whatsoever through the Web?
What do you think about it?
I saw a post
but it seems like to be dead (lot of links don't work).
So can somebody tell me what and if something is going on in this

If no official project has still started, I can open one myself. 
I could offer few of my time at the evening (which is not a lot), to
develop and test this idea, I would however use a MAMP (not a LAMP)
architecture (MAMP=Mac, Apache, Mysql and Python).
So I would need at some time, some help to test on other systems...

About myself here my skills:
DBs: good knowldege.
Scripting Languages: good knowldege (Perl).Intermediate Python.
IT Projects: good knowldege.
Web Server: intermediate
Blender: intermediate
3D Graphics: intermediate

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