[Bf-committers] Goals for siggraph

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 02:13:37 CET 2006

Here is a list of potential goals for siggraph


It doesn't contain a list of work that is already done or will be done
shortly, but instead is a list of things we might consider trying to
ensure we have ready by then.

Stuff without question marks are things that I'm aware of people are
already planning to do, they know who they are :)  If you recognize an
item but think siggraph may be too ambitious, please change it to a
question mark.  If you recognize an item and feel comfortable
committing to try and have it ready for Siggraph please put your name
next to the item.

If you have work you are planning to do that isn't on the list - please add it.

If there is a significant weakness that Blender has you might consider
adding it to the appropriate section with a question mark (or email me
and I can add it).

This is partially to document what people are working on or planning
to work on to avoid work duplication, and partially to find out what
we should probably have as goals and if they are reasonable and
desireable goals finding someone to commit to do doing it.


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