[Bf-committers] scons - mingw

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Tue Feb 7 08:22:51 CET 2006

I still need to commit win32/mingw compatible libraries to CVS - I just
through sheer stupidity threw away all libs I had built for usage with
win32/mingw. Together with this I then will put proper paths in
win32-mingw-config.py for those libs (the libs that I need to compile now
have options point to a dir ../extra/blalba)


> the scons for mingw - assuming it is supposed to be similar to the
> scons used previously (or the scons for the visualc) appears to be
> 'mostly wrong' - Desoto do you have it fixed already or should I have
> a look at fixing it myself?
> LetterRip
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