[Bf-committers] Rewrite of our SCons scripts - preparing to commit

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sat Feb 4 10:03:04 CET 2006

Hi all,

I'm preparing the rewrite of our SCons scripts for commit today to CVS.
Thanks to the help of Jean-Luc P and Johnny Matthews and testing by others
the rewrite now successfully builds a usable Blender binary on the three
main platforms[1]. Everything that is needed for Project Orange and for
other development work to continue is in place.

My personal roadmap for today and tomorrow concerning the rewrite is:

1) type out docs - the remainder of the morning (an hour or two)
2) possibly do some small coding on the rewrite (not too long)
3) commit the whole bunch to CVS (starting around 1400-1600hrs EEST)
4) first-aid and quick bug fixing with focus on
    - blender building
    - options usage
    - the currently implemented targets (default, install, clean,

After this commit this means we lack a few targets as compared to the
current implementation, but this should be no bottleneck for real
development. As always, the status of the rewrite can be followed on the
wiki at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/SconsRefactoring

Currently not working are: building gameplayer, creating .bsc files on
win32/msvc, packaging of builds. So no need to report about these issues
as they are already know and will be worked on in due time (at latest
before next release).

This evening I'll be out for a few hours to play volleybal (1930-2130
EEST), but other than that I'm available on IRC for testing, fixing and
feedback. The sunday I'll be available for quick help too, so anyone
interested in helping out testing the currently supported platforms, and
even more importantly, who want to help out creating the necessary
configurations for Cygwin, Solaris and FreeBSD should activate their

If there is anyone who has really strong and justified objections against
the commit today, speak up now or forever hold your peace.

/Nathan Letwory (jesterKing)

[1] The appit process for OSX is not yet in, but Jean-Luc P said he had an
elegant way he was testing still. I assume him to get it to me today :)

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