[Bf-committers] RE: Image Editor Mess

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Fri Feb 3 23:05:59 CET 2006

next is scaling .. and so on
technical remark .. cloning 1_1 is pretty cheap (code wise)
any other than 'unit' operartor (plus some nice alpha blending) will 
involve bilinear/cubic filtering 'n other nasty stuff.
Not impossible to do .. well
There's some point we should stop copying dedicated 2d tools.
On the other hand i feel/(know) that some of the image filter operations 
  ( i'd need to get scaling/rotating a source [patch] to a target 
[patch] nicely ) will be needed to get vector based motion blur of any use.
So, i'm half/half optimistic/pessimistic that this could be a 'cheap' 
(says if code for that is there anyway) and in this case doubtlessly 
'must do' option.

my 0.02 on that

Caronte wrote:
> -----Original Mensage-----
>>From bjornmose
>>I did not think of blowing up the image editor any further...
> I think that the rotation of clone-images would be necessary, because many
> simple things
> (like adding dirt) can be done inside Blender.
> Otherwise, with only "move" the clone-image utility aren?t so usefull.
> Sorry by the offtopic :)
> Caronte.
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