[Bf-committers] Shadow Maps

Giuseppe Canino jojospino at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 3 09:28:18 CET 2006

Hi to all,in the last month several things happened(very good,thank you Ton) 
to the blender render.
But I found something a bit strange.
In the recent  builds(from a month ago)the shadow maps don't work anymore in 
the right way.
The selfshadow(the shadows on the object itself) seems always to be 
It seems it has something to do with the orange translucency trick Ton made 
some weeks ago or to the new behaviour or the bias parameter for shadows.
I post this here because I dont' know if this is a bug or not,or if it's a 
well known issue.
I hope that this is a bug(and that can be fixed),because now it's impossible 
doing all the nice(maybe old but always good) tricks with shadows map(array 
lights,skydome,faking occlusion and even faking subsurfacescattering).
Sorry for my english

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