[Bf-committers] Vector (motion) blur

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Wed Feb 1 09:51:37 CET 2006

Someone called Jens Ole Wund wrote  his masters thesis on optical flow, the
Horn/Schunck approach, ill posedness, problems arising at moving edges
causing discontinous and undefined flowfields. Finally proposed and
implemented a improved algorithm using "gamma - convergence" for certain
series of equations. Basicly it was research on reconstructing 3D motion
from sequences of images.
Since Horn/Schunck results in a nonlinear optimization problem ( like the
unfamous travelling salesman ) things get quite expensive. My guess in the
case of motion blur would be that rendering the optical flow from the scene
including the z buffer to handle moving edges properly is the way to go.


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> Ton,
> optical flow based methods are the common method
> http://petewarden.com/notes/archives/2005/05/gpu_optical_flo.html
> I'll give you more technical articles - there should be GPL optical
> flow code for vision systems, but I doubt they are doing functions to
> add motion blur.
> LetterRip
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