[Bf-committers] Subsurf + UVmap, an alternative solution

Frédéric van der Essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Sun Oct 30 21:01:03 CET 2005

>I would even not add a new button, as the initial cage is never  
>needed imho.
It is needed in the case you use other modifiers than subsurf. If you use a wave modifier on a plane, you want may want to unwrap the unmodified plane instead of the waved one. 

>I also think that  the amount of distortion induced by the first case  
>is much more than the second. 

If the cage is not dense and there is a lot of tris, the distortion due to the second can be very bad, and a lscm mapping for innervertices give perfect results even if the mesh has the most crazy topology you can imagine.  

> Notice that it means that when you change the subsurf level, you have  
> to redo the mapping.

Yes, but if the unwrap is done with subsurf at renderlevel it is not so annoying. 

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