[Bf-committers] Booleans: Compile problems

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Fri Oct 28 23:14:53 CEST 2005

Hi again,

compiles on linux, there are problems on Solaris though:

22:59 < Barbie> "../../boolop/extern/BOP_Interface.h", line 40: Error: Multiple declaration for
22:59 < Barbie> "CSG_BooleanOps.cpp", line 50: Error: There is extra text on this line.
22:59 < Barbie> 2 Error(s) and 8 Warning(s) detected.

Otherwise, it seems to perform fine, *except* there is an infinite loop
in certain situations. I already posted the backtrace (generated by
pressing CTRL-C after Blender froze in gdb) to the SoC-list, here it is again
for any C++ coders on this list who might feel inclined to trying
a fix:

#0  0x0827f34a in BOP_Edge::containsFace ()
#1  0x0827f2d9 in BOP_Edge::addFace ()
#2  0x0827a6cc in BOP_Mesh::addFace ()
#3  0x0827a59f in BOP_Mesh::addFace ()
#4  0x08285f97 in BOP_addFace ()
#5  0x08284c49 in BOP_triangulateA ()
#6  0x082830f0 in triangulate ()
#7  0x0828144d in BOP_intersectNonCoplanarFaces ()
#8  0x0828045d in BOP_Face2Face ()
#9  0x08270648 in BOP_intersectionBoolOp ()
#10 0x0827038d in BOP_performBooleanOperation ()

This freeze can mostly be reproduced by substracting a cylinder from
a cube as a modifier, and then moving the Cylinder around for some

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