[Bf-committers] new version of patch to make more of Blender's UI AA-font-aware

Randall Rickert randall at rickert-digital.com
Fri Oct 28 21:12:05 CEST 2005

I posted a new version of my patch to make more of Blender's UI AA- 

The original version would fail to patch after all the changes  
recently to the character animation tools.

I would be happy if a few people would test it so it might get into  
v2.40. I know there are only about two of us in the world that run  
Blender on OS X Tiger with a nVidia card, but without this patch  
Blender is extremely difficult to use, because only the buttons and  
menus can use AA fonts. The rest of the UI (fileselect, headers,  
etc.) uses bitmap fonts, which are screwed up. I don't know what file  
I'm selecting, what data I'm browsing, what object name is selected,  
how I'm transforming an object, what frames/values are in the ipo  
window, etc.


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