[Bf-committers] more engine troubles...

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Oct 28 12:12:34 CEST 2005


On linking I get a myriad of these warnings;

ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _tanhf
/usr/lib/gcc/darwin/3.3/libstdc++.a(stubs.o) private external  
definition of _tanhf in section (__TEXT,__text)

Bullet uses the float library (sinf, sqrtf, etc), which is not allowed.  
This is not supported by all our platforms... if you want to use it,  
you have to wrap them behind ifdefs, and enable it only for exceptional  

Further; for makefiles I can still not compile without engine, OpenAL  


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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