[Bf-committers] meeting minutes October 23rd 2005

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Mon Oct 24 14:56:41 CEST 2005

On Sunday 23 October 2005 12:26, Erwin Coumans wrote:
> I just modified some makefiles+scons so IF the game engine is enabled for a
> build, it always enables Bullet, and because USE_SUMO is true too, it will


> chance to merge them yet. Don't know yet about how much work it is to fix
> the gameengine's animation system, due to the new animation system in
> blender...

my understanding is that not an awful lot. 'cause the game engine mostly just 
plays back actions, right? there are nice functions like blend_poses() for it 
in the rewritten action.c

i know that there is also the setChannel function somewhere that you can use 
to modify individual bones directly too (by giving 4x4 matrices), i suppose 
that requires some change too but dunno about specifics.

> ik heb ook nog wat tutorials en docs voor de nieuwe physics, voor de 2.4 
> release. Wanneer is die gepland ?


the 2.40 release will be in November. like said in the minutes, new 
functionality for it must come in by Nov 1. to get into testing, but 
documentation etc. can of course make it later too.

> Erwin


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