[Bf-committers] CrystalBlend: recruiting for the CrystalBlend team!

Jorrit Tyberghein jorrit.tyberghein at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 10:02:12 CEST 2005

Hi all,

First an introduction. I'm the project manager of Crystal Space (Open
Source 3D Engine), Crystal Entity Layer (game entity layer on top of
Crystal Space), and more recently CrystalBlend (game engine port to
Crystal Space). Here are a few url's:

* Crystal Space: http://www.crystalspace3d.org
* Crystal Entity Layer: http://cel.crystalspace3d.org
* CrystalBlend:

At this moment CrystalBlend is a standalone application that reads
current Blender files and tries to play them with the current game
logic system.  This is not complete yet and currently perhaps on 20%
of the current Game Engine is implemented. This version of
CrystalBlend will still be developed so that it becomes a usable tool
to use with current Game Engine logic but it is not the way
CrystalBlend will be in the future.

The future CrystalBlend will be integrated with Blender and it will
use a totally different (incompatible) logic system. To avoid
terminology confusion I will rename the current version of
CrystalBlend to CrystalBlend Lite.

I'm currently busy making a design document for the new CrystalBlend.
In that document it will be described how the new logic system will
work and how the new user interface should look like roughly. Once
that document is ready I will post it for further discussion to refine
everything. However I would like to start recruiting people for the
CrystalBlend team already. I see three main departments in the
development of CrystalBlend:

* The Blender Department: this department is responsible for making
the integration of the CrystalBlend dll/so with Blender itself. i.e.
adding the option to Blender to load the Game Engine as a module. This
department will also work on the new user interface for the new game
logic and will also do all needed modifications to Blender itself. We
need at least two people in this department.
* The Engine Department: this department is responsible for
implementing the new game logic on top of Crystal Entity Layer and
Crystal Space. This team will also work out how to map the Blender
material system to Crystal Space and everything that is related to
that. We need at least two or three people in this department
(including me).
* The Art Department: this department will design and create the
reference game for CrystalBlend. This game should be a complete and
playable game but it should also use as many features of CrystalBlend
as possible so that it can be seen as a test case. We need at least
three people in this department (3D art, 2D art, sound, ...).

To populate these departments I need the following people:

* For Blender Department: this person knows about Blender internals
and can manage the forked code base of Blender (and regularly make
sure important changes in main branch of Blender are merged with
CrystalBlend branch). This person should be familiar with C and
perhaps Python too. This person should be comfortable about loading of
shared libraries.
* For Blender Department: this person should know how to make a new
user interface in Blender. He/she will be responsible for making the
interface for the new game logic.
* For Engine Department: this person will help me develop the new Game
Engine logic on top of Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer. This
person should know C++ very well. Experience with Crystal Space and
Crystal Entity Layer is certainly good to have here. This person will
help find out how to match the material system of Blender to Crystal
* For Engine Department: this person will help match the Blender
animation system to Crystal Space. That includes ipo and armatures.
Experience with Crystal Space is recommended.
* For Art Department: we need several people here who can do 3D art,
2D art, sound and so on.

Give me an email if you are interested in joining the team:
jorrit.tyberghein at gmail.com


Project Manager of Crystal Space (http://www.crystalspace3d.org)
and CEL (http://cel.crystalspace3d.org)
Support Crystal Space. Donate at

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