[Bf-committers] meeting minutes October 23rd 2005

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Sun Oct 23 19:31:16 CEST 2005

hi, these are the minutes i scrapped together - are also at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Blenderdev/SundayMeetingAgenda/October_23rd_2005 and a link to it and old ones at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Blenderdev/SundayMeetingAgenda

1 property system
2 alpha1 feedback
3 status of development projects for 2.4
4 wiki

1. property system

Like the existing object game properties, but for all data. 

lukep we discussed with zr that allowing to add them at vertex, edge and face level would be very good too.

Ton suggested a hierarchy of properties- either 1 sublevel of properties could be good- like folders of properties. (as opposed to deep multilevel property nesting). But mostly the point is now to collect requirements for the system, so that it can be designed and implemented.

It could also be something for people who want to customize blender (like CAD blender, or MakeHuman)

Note that we must think about using those metadatas ourselves. it is not only for exporter imho

We discussed some 'metadata' usage at orange too, Lee had the idea that we would add ToDo items to blender objects - that is the classic idea of annotations in hypermedia, which has reportedly been recently implemented in packages like photoshop.

In a certain way, a weight group is a specialized use of that. Material index is a special case of face property

A need for ID property: currently no direct way to have another blender object as a property. like it is not possible to say that object A is the current target of object B, apart from using object names (which may change and then the link breaks)

Game modellers need hard edges, which is about normal adjustements and can be solved this way too?

Toni recalls someone needing Material metadata.

2. alpha1 feedback

The gut feeling is that things are ok, no catastrophes. The tracker is reportedly getting filled, Ton will attack it soon, and requests everyone to help.

3. status of development projects for 2.4

Ton targets at end of animation code project before nov 1, then he'll attack render system, and rather not have this in 2.4

Regarding the Summer of Code projects, there are reports that at least ffmpeg, booleans, nurbs and pytex are on the way to integration.

Armature/bone API is in progress, a preliminary path is coming Real Soon Now.

New UI will be included (Ton will help Matt).

Ton will apply Janne Karhu's particle patch (which involves work with static particles . Also 'elubie's relative filenames patch is in the tracker, it'd need work to perfect yet.

Decision: new features (like the SOC projects) must provide patches for review before nov 1 to be included in 2.4. we will probably make an alpha2 release with the new features added.

No news from the bullet physics for game engine, nor about the updating of armature code in the game engine to use the new system in Blender.

4. wiki

dev. wiki should have rights for anyone with an account. must have an effective way to deal with spam.

documentation section needs more control, and there the talk pages can be open for anyone to comment.

converting the content from twiki is still in progress.

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