py drawing to 3dview (Re: [Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties)

Tom M letterrip at
Sat Oct 22 23:02:14 CEST 2005

>  - Leterip: you are missing one of the most powerful media industries in
> your list: game companies.

Actually I wasn't missing them, they are part of DCC (Digital Content Creation)

They aren't specifically broken out, since there wasn't a particular
need to do so in that post.

> I totally agree with this. If someone wrote some
> super-high-quality(perhaps even integrated) exporters for popular game
> formats that fully supported animation, textures etc. blender would be
> in great shape as far as games are concerned(not only professionally,
> but in the mod community as well).

Blender currently lacks smoothing groups; multi uv maps; lightmap
baking; and tangent space normal map creation tools.  It also lacks
robust texturing tools; and the particle system is currently not well
suited for export to other systems.  These can be somewhat be worked
around using commercial (gile for lightmaps; zbrush, deeppaint 3d; or
bodypaint 3d for texturing; zbrush for normal map creation) and
sometimes free tools (ATI normalmapper; Gimp for texturing); and
occassionaly with a bit of ingenuity.  Without directly addressing
these weaknesses, Blender could still be adopted for some things in a
game content pipeline, but generally unless the professional is
extremely price constrained purchasing tools that don't have these
limitations would be the better business decision.  (Unless the
content creators are already familiar with Blender, and already are
using the workarounds, etc.).  This discussion of limitations also
doesn't take into account things like lack of support contracts and
lack of up to date training materials; all of which are important from
a business and professional perspective.

See this discussion thread for more details.

New exporters can be coded fairly quickly and easily, and pretty much
every game engine under the sun can import OBJ, Direct X, or LWO which
are all fairly well supported in Blender.


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