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Space Handlers need to get on key up events too. They dont seem to

 On 10/18/05, Willian Padovani Germano <wgermano at> wrote:
> antont at wrote:
> > i know there is this principle that windows are separate etc. but such a
> > script actually does not use the ScriptSpace, but is scriptlinked. so in
> a
> > way the 3d view is the space that is uses. is there a problem with it?
> can we
> > make it nice for 2.4?
> Well, Ton devised space handlers for scripts to be able to get events
> from and draw to a given space type (3d view currently, but it's easy to
> add for others) in a way that fits with Blender's model.
> But scriptlinks are also acceptable, afaik, so it's ok to use them if
> space handlers are not adequate for some task (feedback on handlers is
> always important to know if we can / should upgrade them, btw).
> > also, such scripts suffer from the lack of Object.Changed scriptlink
> event
> > type, 'cause they currently have to listen to Redraw() and check for
> possible
> > changes in the object that they 'own' in python. so i think we must add
> such
> > a scriptlink event type.
> Yes, there are missing events. "OnSelect" used to be mentioned, as well
> as "OnMouseClick", "OnKeyDown" (these two covered by event space
> handlers), etc. A coder mentioned he had success with a listener
> (sockets) event, too, but we got no news from him after that.
> Now that space handlers are in place being used, we can see what's still
> needed. Events for object changes, like you mention, and selection are
> good candidates.
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