py drawing to 3dview (Re: [Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties)

antont at antont at
Tue Oct 18 21:44:26 CEST 2005

On Thursday 13 October 2005 22:51, Willian Padovani Germano wrote:
> So, the BPython API can benefit a lot from more general support of
> properties, but that wouldn't eliminate the usefulness of drawing
> buttons in the Scripts window.

also, some scripts at least *want* to draw directly to the 3d view, and i 
think it makes sense.

e.g. for some modifier tool it is useful to be able to draw information about 
the modifying in the 3d view. like 's'caling of a blender object draws that 
additional line between the object and the point used for scaling.

someone who had a working such script for 2.37a was on irc last week, 'cause 
it had broken with the current cvs. he gave me a test file which is now at

i know there is this principle that windows are separate etc. but such a 
script actually does not use the ScriptSpace, but is scriptlinked. so in a 
way the 3d view is the space that is uses. is there a problem with it? can we 
make it nice for 2.4?

also, such scripts suffer from the lack of Object.Changed scriptlink event 
type, 'cause they currently have to listen to Redraw() and check for possible 
changes in the object that they 'own' in python. so i think we must add such 
a scriptlink event type.


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