[Bf-committers] Re: User-defined Material Properties

Chris Burt desoto at blender.spaceisbig.com
Sat Oct 15 05:13:58 CEST 2005

No offense meant to Mr. MacDonald, who seems very intent on being a part 
of Blender development, but is it possible for this very copious amount 
of discussion to take place on IRC? It seems the better medium for such 
frequent postings... I can see here that this mailing list is quickly 
getting in the way of productive discussion.


Greg MacDonald wrote:
> Good design and forethought is never a minor issue. :) Have you ever 
> seen those lawns where someone landscapes by occasionally adding a gnome 
> here one day, a bush here another, maybe a pink flamingo next month. 
> Looks like crap doesn't it?
> Besides through these ramblings Doug has given me an idea. In vertical 
> mode the panel's height could be expanded, but in horizontal mode the 
> width could with the buttons drawn in columns. I'm interested to hear 
> more about the UTF char selector though. I haven't seen that yet.
> But I think your'e right in that I should shut up now. I have enough 
> information to start hacking. Thanks everyone.
> -Greg

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