[Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties

Greg MacDonald gtmacdonald at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 22:25:18 CEST 2005

Hi Joseph,
 I think I've been mixing two issues and have gotten everything confused.
I'm seeking advice on how to implement user defined properties in Blender's
internal code.
 It has been said that anything we create in the internal code can be
exposed easily in BPython. I can hand off my work to the BPython experts
after I'm finished. So I think you're right that the python discussion might
be best saved for the other mailing list.
 At the moment I'm looking for input on how to implement the user interface
for adding categorized properties that can be applied to any datablock.
Should I put each category in a different panel? What happens when I run out
of space in the panel? Should I have variable sized panels?
 In my last question I was wondering why all panels are the same size in
blender. And if that was a convention I would need to follow in creating a
new ui.
 On 10/14/05, Gilbert, Joseph <jgilbert at tigr.org> wrote:
>  What is it that your trying to do exactly? Also python development has a
> place on the python mailing list.
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>  Hi everyone,
>  Is there a reason all the panels are the same width and height in the
> buttons window? If not, do you think it would be a problem to allow a python
> script to define a really huge panel if they wanted? Panels of different
> sizes seem to stack okay...
>  -Greg
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