[Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties

Willian Padovani Germano wgermano at superig.com.br
Fri Oct 14 07:19:06 CEST 2005

Greg MacDonald wrote:
> So what would be the advantage to using xml descriptions instead of a 
> callback script with methods to create new panels and buttons?

It's just what Tom wrote, basic xml to define the guis, with tags for 
button type, limits, default value, x, y, w, h, etc.

Nothing fancy and it wouldn't require a full xml parser either - a 
script could parse it and update Blender or create Python code, for 
example. But the parsing can also be done directly in C or C++ in 
Blender and...

Previously you wrote:
 > I was talking about the ability for python to create individual gui
 > elements like a new context button with an icon, then a new panel,
 > then a new button inside the panel. I was asking if this
 > functionality is needed with categorized general properties.
 > I'm thinking not.

That's why I mentioned xml (or any custom format to describe guis), I 
was answering your question. Even if there's need for more control to 
create gui layouts, there'd be no need to expose general properties gui 
creation to BPython if say xml was used and parsed directly by Blender.

Using BPython, though, seems better to me (of course I'm biased...:) ). 
Python is easy, powerful at parsing, it can be used to write gui builder 
scripts, there'd be no need for a custom xml or whatever format, etc.


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